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I have successfully completed 14 orders, with 5 star reviews, gotten from buyer request within 120 days. Till date, I have never gotten a direct contact from a buyer. Please help!

I have completed 14 orders within 120 days, with 5 star reviews. All from buyer request section.
I have never gotten a direct contact for once.
Is fiverr pissed with me? Did I do anything wrong to fiverr that buyers can’t contact me directly despite all my 5 star reviews?


At least you are getting orders…chill bro


Most sellers are receiving all of their work on buyer request. As you get known, and those buyers give you good ratings, you will be more exposure and people will come direct. Remember, there are thousands of sellers doing your type of work on this platform. Some sellers are on the platform for months, and haven’t got one order yet.


You should be glad you’re getting orders from somewhere. :grin: The same was my case when I joined about 2 years ago, but I had no complains because the orders were coming. With time though, things changed. I started having lots of messages from buyers, some of them didn’t turn potential clients and some of them I had to turn down their projects. And before long, I started having repeat buyers. These things take time, for some of us though, not for everyone.


@vicvera450 Thanks for your reply. This is really very helpful. I appreciate :pray: :heart_eyes:

@teachernita Thanks a lot