I have suspended all of my gigs


I don’t know if Fiverr.c.com is undergoing DoS attacks or if they just lack the capacity to handle the traffic but I am not able to consistently and reliably maintain a connection to their server(s). This is not only a problem for sellers but imagine the frustrations faced by potential buyers who will just give up trying to make purchases. So I have suspended all of my gigs until I see that the situation is resolved


Fiverr works great here! The problem could be from your home network


I would accept that the problem might be at my end if not for the fact that I visit dozens of websites every day without any connection problems whatsoever. Not display problems but timeout issues, reload page issues and even as I type this a blank error dialog keeps popping up. I have seen posts from others mentioning these problems.

bachas85 said: "Contra viento y marea"
Well, it literally translates to "Against wind and high water", but he gets your point. I think its more of a sailors term like "Keep the wind at your back" that type of reference which has no use in daily life.

I get terrible outages also, but that's why I extended the time on my gigs. This forum is almost unusable most of the time for me.

bachas85 said: Reply to @beatcraigslist: Yes, yours is the word for word translation, but mine's the common phrase in english :P
Hahahahaha, yes, you are correct, but I don't need a translation I can read it myself. ;)