I have the "Add Extra" option but it seems not to work


Hello all :slight_smile: !

I registered last week on Fiverr and I have sold one of my gig 11 times with 11 positive feedbacks (I have 7 in queue for the moment). Today, when I logged in, I noticed a new option on my gigs which is “Add Extras!”, but when I click on it, the page which loads is the normal “edit a gig” one. I know that it’s necessary to have the level 1 to add some extras on our gigs, so does it say that I will be level 1 soon B-) ? Or is it just a mistake from Fiverr :-S ?

Thank you,



I think Fiverr screwed up. I have well over 40 gigs delivered but it seems that all new sellers now have that ‘option’ but we cant actually use it.


I think there’s a few Fiverr glitches going around this week … this one and the ‘special characters not showing up’ one.


It seems that it was just a problem from Fiverr. The “Add Extras!” button has disappear from my account now.