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I have three fiverr account in the same laptop

Hi, I created three accounts with different email and details. But i have closed all the accounts and today created a new account. I want to work in this account. In the future , will i get banned or dissabled? will i face any problems?


if you disabled multiple accounts, I think you will no problem your this profile.


You need to contact customer support and have them delete the former accounts on their end.

Otherwise you always risk losing your current account.


Why did you create 3 (now 4) accounts on Fiverr?



I think you may in the risk for future! You can contact to Customer Care ASAP!


Why did you three account on fiverr?

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You need to contact fiverr customer support if they allow. You have know problem.
But i think so if you disable all of your multiple account you naver face any trouble in future i think so.
I will suggest you to talk about customer support.

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3 accounts? Are you providing poor services, collecting the money, then disappearing?

Fivver should implement a 2 account max rule. You mess up the first, you are only allowed to create one more after.

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