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I have to brag about some awesome sellers! (Articles Writers: I found 2) Yay! :)

Oh, my golly! Two days ago, I hired a few article writers. Today I got one that just blew me out of the water!

It was truly well written; zero grammar errors, well formatted & researched. He delivered pdf, word and sources. It was one of the best writing I’ve received. A 500-word article on the lion population in Africa. The sentence structure was extremely well written, the paragraphs flowed well from one to next.

The cost was but $5. Yes, I gave him the max allowed tip of $25, but that’s only because he earned it. He went way, way over and beyond anything I expected. He truly gave me 5 star service! He gave me something that would make any “Professional Article Writers” envious. It was fantastic!

I was told I can name people in a positive light - so here goes! @bradencollins10 - - - come take a bow!

I’d be happy to post it, if anyone doubts my enthusiam. :slight_smile:


I would love to read it. What a great thing to do Gina, to give accolades to a terrific writer. I’m putting him in my favorites and will be hiring him for sure.


I can attest to this young man’s excellent writing too.
I proofread everything I receive from sellers and his didn’t require anything.
That said, merely having to do a little proofreading is not an issue for me - the main reason I was so happy with him was the quality of the writing each time!

He also takes pride in his work which is the mane thing.

Ok, I’ll stop


Okay, Braden - If you don’t mind, I’m gonna post a portion of the article here for others to see. I don’t want to post the whole thing as my blog site is not up yet.

I thought today would be a good day to post something positive about great sellers. I may just brag about a few other fantastic sellers as well! :slight_smile:

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You guys took a chance on a new seller. What was it about his gig or profile that made you do this?

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Actually spotted him on the forum and saw that he could express himself well and wrote in an attractive and engaging way.


Same as Eoin. I saw Braden interact and have fun on the forum. He didn’t complain, call buyers names or talk negative about us, beg for orders, etc.

You may be just a few of the folks here that knows how many sellers use “Stupid” or “Idiotic” or any variation of these negative words just because they had one or two bad buyers. I admit, when I was a new buyer, I made some of those stupid/idiotic mistakes because I didn’t know. I don’t wish to be called out like that.

Braden was just plain fun, articulated himself well and terrific writing skills - you never saw him write “i” vs “I” or any other pet peeve of mine.

He, like you, Zeus and many others are very professional and a pleasure to work with. I feel like I actually got more than my money’s worth and it makes me feel good. None of you play games with me, don’t hold back orders to fake having a large queue, have excellent communication.

Communication, Miss Crystal, is the number 1 thing lacking on 5r. You probably don’t know this because you take it upon yourself to reply immediately to every buyer, but not everyone is like you. (A little rant here) :slight_smile:


I concur :100:% :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Braden is awesome! :heart::tada:

I’m going to place an order, I hope he’s not too busy. :sweat_smile:

I just noticed he added a new pic, so not only is he, talented, smart, and an excellent writer but a cutie, too. Sorry, Braden, I had to point out the obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:


He also takes pride in his work which is the mane thing.

Fiverr, can we permaban Eoin for this?


Ha, ha! That was in reference to the lion article that was written. :lion:

Eoin has a sense of humor like that!


Lol, yeah, but we need to send a message that nobody escapes a bad pun!

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Is he gone? doesn’t link?

That’s because the 10 is at the end :smiley:


I see what you did there

I said I would stop, you can’t serengeti fairer than that!

Exactly, a leopard cannot change its spots

Glad you appreciate it, not sure why it triggers a bad reaction from other people.


And @bradencollins10 has such a cute profile picture. Makes me want to pinch his cute little cheeks! (I am a grandma, I can do that. :wink:) I see he is just starting out, but I predict he will go far. Good luck Braden!

Braden, your link does not work.


I think it’s great to see you publicly recognize the person who gave you such great service. Kudos to you!

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Aww! Shucks!

Buyers typically only come here to complain so I thought I’d do the opposite today.

Oh, here is another awesome thing I got yesterday from another talented seller. I was having the “blue” so she drew this to cheer me up! :slight_smile:


Edit: Happy to report yet again, another awesome seller! :smile:

Two days ago, I hired five sellers, four of which were article writers. I like to diversify my portfolio and not use any article writer more than two maybe three times in any given quarter, so I’m always on the look out for more.

I am thrilled to report three of them were exceptional.

. . . And two of them, I found on Buyer’s Request. Let’s face it, I have a :broken_heart: & :heart: relationship with B.R. I needed four articles, it was daunting to go through the main site so I gave it another try through B.R.

Two sellers out of like over 40 stood out. They read my requirements and gave me a well written proposal. Almost everyone else either had canned responses or were too busy telling me about their skills (canned, of course).

Whoa! She gave me a great article. I have a message for those of you faking your location to USA or Europe thinking it will get you more order - maybe, but your skills is what will make you or break you as a seller.

This amazing seller is from Bangladesh.

Don’t fake your location, great writers come from all over the world.

Edit: The second awesome article writer that I found yesterday is @suha9891, come and say hello.


Hi Gina! I am so honored that you liked my article on ‘why book covers can make or break a sale’ so much!

I’ve worked with a lot of amazing clients on Fiverr and you’re the first to compliment my work so much, so yes… I’m thrilled tonight. Thanks for making my night wonderful!

Will continue working on Fiverr and writing exceptional articles and blog posts for many more years to come. Thanks again.