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I have to Improve My Gig

As I started the fiverr in 3 days I got my first order and now I’m not getting any order.
I think there is fault in my gig.
please check out my gig and give me your feedback and tips to improve my gig.


Having actual questions and answers in your Q&A section would be good. None of the ones you include are particularly relevant or useful.

I’d suggest removing the word “nicely” from your title.

Your premium package should specify a clearer time length than just “more than 10 hours.” That could mean anything, and buyers could take advantage of that.

Remove the line “Hearing from you will be a thing of pleasure” in your gig.

Also, if you’re doing data entry, web research, and admin work, why not make multiple gigs instead of one?


Thanks for your such a nice tips
I will try to improve

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Any other feed back?