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I have to pay a service fee to TIP a SELLER?!?

Ok so I just noticed that Fiverr charges me a €1.90 (>2$) service fee if I want to tip a seller??

I don’t know for how long this has been going on, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this is completely disrespectful to their sellers and quite frankly a disgusting way to capitalize even more on the people who do their utmost best to provide a great service.

I have been selling myself on Fiverr for quite some time now (not very active but still) and I just found about this now. Is there anyone who can explain to me what the purpose is of this service fee?

I can tell you it has nothing to do with payment providers or stuff like that, because THE MONEY IS ALREADY IN MY WALLET ON FIVERR. Money which I earned through selling gigs myself, money where buyers have already payed a service fee on and money where Fiverr has already took a whopping 20% from!

So just because I want to tip a seller, Fiverr is just like “Ooh looks like this guy is in a generous mood, let’s capitalize on that”. If I want to tip someone I want to tip just them because they did an awesome job. I can imagine the amount of people that ultimately did not give a tip just because of this.

And if someone from Fiverr is going to reply to this, please spare me the “it is for administrative purposes” bogus. All these processes are completely automated, there is no administrative work that has to be done if I want to give a tip to someone.

Sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my chest… I also want to know what others think of this, because I feel this is just a big middlefinger to anyone who is a seller on here.

If there is a very good reasoning behind this, I apologize as well, but I am curious as to what this service fee could possible be about, apart from a way to try and maximize earnings for their own benefit.


If you type “paying service fee on tips” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this subject. Most, if not all, unhappy with this.


I found out about this and went straight to this forum, didn’t even bother to check if there were other topics on this matter. Good thing there are though… And well, now there’s another one. Imagine this: maybe they’ll start noticing people aren’t happy and change a thing or two. I mean after all, the community matters right? Right Fiverr?

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The easiest way to ruin a good argument is to pepper it with profanity. :frowning:

Fiverr made an operating loss of something like $30+ million last year. Fees on tips are just part of Fiverr squeezing an extra few dollars out of orders wherever possible.


Well apologies for that. Not used to expressing my thoughts on a forum I guess.
And since people are actually flagging this I made the appropriate changes. (How weird as this sounds right, “the community has flagged your message”). Imagine flagging a message that’s there for your own benefit.

Regarding that operating loss. Let’s so how “far” changes like this are going to take them.


Fiverr chose to enforce this fee because many naughty sellers and buyers :smiling_imp: were avoiding paying any fees to Fiverr by having the order being at a very low cost-- where both lost a percent to Fiverr-- and then making up for the low cost of the gig by the seller getting a big tip where there were NO fees paid to Fiverr. So, alas thanks to these :imp: :smiling_imp: Fiverr now charges fees for tips.


just came here out of total bewilderment that Fiverr takes 43% of what I paid. Then they ask me to tip, where they take another 40%. Poor sellers must be suffering from this, because truly generous people HAVE BOUNDARIES when they know they’re being swindled. Yes callmekevin, this is f*cked up.

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Wait, what? No, it’s always 20%.

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I don’t like this at all. This makes me want to work around Fiverr to pay my sellers. Why do I have to pay service fees twice. I get it at the Gig level but do I have to do it at the tip level again. It makes no sense.

I’m a buyer only. Fiverr charges me a $2 fee for the transaction, then another $2 fee if I want to tip after the delivery. It’s redundant and terrible.


I have a regular buyer who always orders a package larger than he needs to. I think he is incorporating the tip in his order that way.


I warn the people I buy from that I do NOT tip because of this. I tell them if they want more money to charge more in the front. I also don’t buy $5 gigs because the flat $2 fee makes that such a huge % fee. I ask for custom offers which they charge me and give me more! LOL I think it is appalling to put a fee on the tip!!! Especially a 40% or there about percent charge!!! It is just horrible.

It depends on your nationality and culture mostly.

As I understand people in US are living with concept of receiving salary plus tip for their work.
In my country concept of tip doesn’t exist. You have your contract and salary is written there. If you do not like your salary you resign, but there is no tip.

In restaurants if the food is 10$ you pay 10$ and that is it. Cook, waiter, they all get salary for their work.

Regarding fee, it is the fee to use site. They could consider having monthly subscription so then there is no fee per sale but only once a month.

I just found this out myself. I do understand the logic behind it with people trying to avoid fees but i think they should have gone about it a whole different way. eBay did the same thing by taking fees on postage.
I told the seller if she could do a certain task i would tip her as the work was a little difficult. Then when i went to tip. I wanted to tip X amount and the total was 1.5X. Thats outrageous! Now i’m unsure what to do. If i had her personal paypal i’d send it direct.
This is the second time i’ve used fiverr and it’s left a sour taste.

Even they charge us ( Sellers ) 20% from our tips !