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I have total 7 gigs

but from only 1 gig I am getting orders


Hi there @mushfiqurrah309, oh that’s great news :smiley:, at least you know which gig is working. Now focus on the 6 you have left. Good luck!! :partying_face::partying_face:

Hi friend! How long have your gigs been live? It may take some time for your other gigs to gain traction. I started out with 5 gigs and 2 were very popular, while the other 3 only received about 1 or 2 orders per month. I ended up consolidating my gigs into 2 more general gigs, which are now both doing super. If your gigs are similar, this may be a good plan :slight_smile:


First of all, hi there! :smiley:

So your original gigs back then, were they marketed to specific targets? Did you change the tags as well? But honestly, I have always wanted to open more gigs, but kind of afraid that I couldn’t manage them all at once…

A great way to test this out is to set a limit on the number of orders you can receive per gig. I have mine capped at 10 each, so the most I can EVER have active is 20 orders (I’ve never received that many at once, I’ve topped out at about 16). If I get overwhelmed, I just go into “out-of-office mode” or limit my gig order queue :slight_smile:

Oh wow, that’s incredible! Most I’ve ever had was 7 orders in hand and that was enough to make my head spin…ahaha. I only have 3 gigs right now, but only 1 is active while the others are somewhat obsolete…so maybe opening some more soon (hopefully I will) wouldn’t hurt.

Isn’t there side effects of using that mode? Like losing your gig visibility for a while or something?

You know, I believe this is largely dependant on the type of service you provide and how saturated the website is with sellers in your area of expertise. I do voice-overs so there aren’t as many of my gigs as there are in other categories, so work seems to be pretty steady as long as I don’t stay “offline” for too long. I am usually able to catch up in a day or two, which hasn’t seemed to affect my gig visibility etc… but again, I think this is dependant on other factors as well!


Thanks for ur advice.

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