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I have tried my best but can't get jobs on fiverr

I have been trying my best but can’t see any buyer requests.Haven’t done any task here.Been a member for two years now.What can I do to get even a single job on this platform?.I have been bidding on daily basis.


don’t be hopeless,
you just keep your hope and wait for the right time :upside_down_face:


Thanks mmr1998. Am still hopes high…

when you have create your account?

I created in 2016.I have been bidding for over two years now.

look at those people who are getting jobs and please be creative than that you will definately get of luck for you

Might I suggest you lower your prices? Some of your gigs have been made redundant by software growth and free online services. So your prices are not gonna attract much buyers even in the real world. Just my 2 cents from a buyer point of view.

Thank you so much.I will edit them

The title of your gig needs to make sense: “I will editing and proofreading of your document” would be better as “I will edit and proofread your document”

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Wow.Thank you…noted .

Hi there @emily1980, how are you doing? I was wondering, how come you let it wait this long for you to find help? I just checked your Gigs and it has some issues though. You saying your an expert in your niche, which is proofreading and writing. However, I don’t want to be rude or anything but your long description itself is not perfectly spelled???

Your words…

i will Correct writing mistakes and errors of your document at a very affordable price.Your document will be edited for spelling mistakes ,grammar ,punctuation errors , syntax ,omission of words , repetition of words and sentence structure

My words…

I will correct writing mistakes and errors of your document at a very affordable price. Your document will be edited for spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation errors, syntax, the omission of words, repetition of words and sentence structure.

Also, your Order description has many errors as well.

Your order description…

I will perfectly edit and proofread your article ,word document or pdf document and do grammar check

My words…

I will perfectly edit and proofread your article, word document or pdf document and do a grammar check.

And last but not least, where are your BULLET POINTS, your Features, etc, I don’t see any of them on your long Description. Your title to your gig Proofreading is horrible, ‘‘I Will Editing And Proofreading Of Your Document’’

Out of respect, but how can you tell your customers that you are a proofreader when your grammar is not perfect at all. Don’t get me wrong but I would never buy from you. And apparently, neither do your customers. You should maybe do something else that you’re really good at???

I have some awesome friends who can help you better with this matter as I am not an English writer nor a qualified proofreader. @maitasun, @ahmwritingco. This woman needs your help desperately :+1:

Sorry but this is not for being rude or to make you feel bad about yourself, this isn’t your expertise.

Good luck on your future ahead and sorry for not giving you the answer you like to hear.

With all my respect, warmly, Humberto


Promote your fiverr Gigs in different platforms and then check Buyer request again and again. WHen you see Buyer request you give her attractive offer. One day you achive your first order … :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not “your best” if you’re asking a question loads of people ask in the forum all of the time.

There are major grammar issues in the title of your editing gig. If you can’t even take the time to proofread, you aren’t doing “your best.”

Why would someone hire you to edit something if you don’t even edit their own gig and have such a poor command of English? Think about it. It doesn’t make sense. And why offer work that you can’t do properly even in your own gig?

Bidding daily doesn’t mean sales. You have to think about who else is bidding, are you offering something the buyer actually wants and offering it professionally?

I think you need to do some research on business and take better care of your gigs.


Well said.

Emily1980, I’ve copied the first line of text from your proofreading Gig:

i will Correct

I don’t think a proofreader who makes two errors in the space of three words has a chance of earning orders.

I think you’ll need to master the basics of English before you can sell writing/editing Gigs.