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I have two days delivery, 36 hours passed no info


Hello everyone,

Yesterday, someone bought a gig from me. He attached as a file “email me”. I kept asking what he wanted me to do, but he dodges my questions like a politician, and starts asking about my family, where I’m from, etc… 36 hours have passed, 12 hours left on the clock. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

(I already asked him to attach the files on Fiverr, keeps dodging my question…)


Send him cancellation offer.
Reason: I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Agree with DJ.

Personal questions are unprofessional on part of buyer. Tell him to take a long stroll and leave you alone. There are better clients in the horizon.


Yes, I was thinking of this, but the problem is that this will affect my cancellation rate…


As long as it it mutual, you should be fine.

Clock stops for 48 hours to let the buyer accept your cancellation.

Or if the buyer is serious, you could request EXTENSION of delivery time.


I did request an extension of delivery time, he literally ignored it and said “Sorry I did not get your name, from which country are you”.

Also, there’s a new update, which also counts mutually canceled orders in your cancellation rate.


Well then he doesn’t seem serious. Don’t know what else to tell you.

Send in the cancellation request.
Screenshot all conversation.
Report to Customer Support saying Buyer is unprofessional and unresponsive and not providing appropriate information for you to complete the order.


Thank you for your help!


It will affect your completed rate but what else can you do? Something that affects you more is a bad review for whatever reason (I’d run a mile from that buyer - so unprofessional and unpredictable), or being late on your delivery.


Maybe don’t bother with mutual cancellation – see if CS can cancel it because the buyer is breaking TOS asking you to email them. Clearly they were trying to cheat the system by saying the word email in an attachment instead of in the messaging feed. You’re essentially reporting the buyer rather than compromising with them. Which in this case, reporting them is more fitting.


the best thing is to dispute the order


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