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I have two questions for experienced Fiverr members

I am new on Fiverr. I develop creative writing and public speaking courses. I also teach or sell them online. I have struggled to get my first order.

1)I wanted to suggest if it is possible for Fiverr to allow us to sell our courses online, they are video tutorials with step by step approach (after some vetting in terms of quality)

  1. How do I send buyer requests.?

Let me say this: If you can’t work out how to find/send BR, how good can your courses be?

I am sorry to say this but while BR are a bit hidden (under “More” menu) they are not secret and are explained by Fiverr courses (you apparently know what they are) and even every few days in the Forum - when yet another extremely “talented” & “capable” person comes along just like this.

The lesson here is not intended to be what a :poop: I am but that if you put so little effort into this thing, how do you expect it to bring great returns?

Showing up is not enough. Solve this and you are well on the way to achieving something worthwhile.


As for selling pre-made objects (incl courses) here on Fiverr, I have no real idea but it seems more of an eBay or Amazon thing than a Fiverr thing seeing the general idea here seems to be that the buyer pays to have something done or made, not to buy off-the-shelf. If no one else know, it may be better to ask CS before you go making gigs that get you pinged.


Thank you for your positive feedback. I am new but I have learnt a lot from you. I really appreciate it.