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I have two questions please

I have two questions

1st one: are the “I will accept a tip for my hard work” gigs legal and acceptable to fiverr staff?!

2nd one: If i mail real things, it actually costs me 30$ but fiverr doesn’t have this option !

how can i choose an amount of money more than 9$ or 8$ as in the options?

thank you

I can answer #1, yes you can have tip gigs.

For #2, not sure but you could add it on as a gig extra and/or state in your gig description the shipping costs and that they must add the amount on to the initial purchase.

Reply to @accessgirl: sorry, but how did you know that it is okay to have tip gigs?

Reply to @hannaasfour: If you need absolute clarification on this, message customer service. But I have one and a truck load of other sellers have them, I haven’t seen that there is an issue with this.