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I have using fiver!But No Response

I want my fiver account running,my experience with fiver is very bad!I’m not happy with five,Please help my to increase my earning!

Have you tried actually working for orders instead of waiting for orders?


No I have not receive order yet!

Yes, you’re supposed to work even before you receive orders. Orders don’t just come to you magically, you know.

How I receive order!

If you’re not even willing to do the research for that, maybe freelancing is not for you…


How I receive order,Every told me be online for 24 hours and I have online for 24 hours,But up till I can’t receive order can you help my to update my gig please!

Part of getting sales is having a gig that looks attractive, is written well, shows seller experience AND shows that the seller is here because they are good/enjoy their craft. I (and other buyers) run away when we see a gig that looks like the seller put 3 minutes into it.

I’d start there.

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I have done all the things but I can’t receive orders!

Anyone can help me please!

Marketing? Improving your gigs? Sending buyer requests? Or just sitting around for 24 hours a day, being online?

Well, never mind then. Keep waiting I guess.


I have done all the things!

Um…okay. What have you actually done?

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Your profile picture does not look professional. I know there are places on the internet that say having a picture of a pretty girl on your profile sells gigs, but that is not true. Also, your gigs are in a category where you have a lot of competition.


I have done marking,improving gig and online 24 hours

Anyone can use my skill and help my to improve my profile!

Well, we can start here. If you’ve really improved your gig, then why is this part identical to countless other freelancer profiles on the Internet? Plus, you name a team in this description while all your other ones imply a single person.

We never use automatic vectorizing facilities as they do not produce perfect smooth vector lines. So our vector images will not have any jagged lines, irregularities or distortions. We always pay attention for all fine details and design the identical vector to your image.

Some images (with lot of gradients) might not be suitable for digital tracing. Therefore we strongly recommend our all customers to contact us before placing any order for this gig. Then our team will review the feasibility and will generate a custom offer for each job.

Don’t copy-paste profiles. It makes you look lazy, and that’s the last thing a buyer wants.


Well you may have missed one. I’ll help you. Your convert vector gig. You have one picture sample. One.

So was it that you were in a hurry to create your profile and didn’t upload more of your work samples? Or do you not have any to put up?


The picture is now a tractor! I don’t know if that’s any better, since it seems very out of place. But I guess anything is better than the dreaded duck face…shudder