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I have very bad experience here, Anybody can help me?

Hello, i have informed Fiverr support team everything before, i was afraid about this buyer. he is really crazy and didnt trust me even i have sent him every work prove.
i really request support team to check my all messages and i let him know that i am unable to complete his project. but he ordered my gig continuously, i think he has a plan to damage my account. this is a really bad experience in my carrier.

I am very upset. and finally, he put a 1-star review yesterday.

I hope Fiverr will help me to remove the fake and bad review.
I have around 52 reviews on Fiverr and All of my customers are satisfied with my work.
he had ordered all of gig and try to destroy me.
My gig price was 10 listing for $10.
now i put rocket price on my gig to save my gig and account from the client. he is like crazy and he has got a lot of 1 star review from seller.

Please forgive me if i write anything mistake here, i am tryping rapidly…


You can block this person so he can’t order from you or message you.

You can publicly respond to any review (good or bad) to leave your side of the story.

Only customer support can help you with removing bad feedback.

Do you mean you had more than one order with that client?
Why didn’t you just cancel that order if you couldn’t complete that task?

I checked that review and it seems legitimate, your client specified what he was happy about and what damage you did to his listings. He provided quite a few fact and the main one that you were not able to deliver what’s promised in your gig.

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if he’s only making $200 from $1200, why did he blow $850 for a review?


Dude what is going on with your prices :hear_no_evil:

I didn’t know there are buyers that spend so much on Fiverr

well according to this buyer he was able to make that in an afternoon, so…

i don’t know when 200 was 75% of 1200 either

It is an insane amount of money to charge for SEO work for 10 products. Like seriously. :exploding_head:

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I believe OP increased the prices that none would order now. Why is that?

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Well that sounds like common sense

Brohter, First of All convence the buyer for become claim, and you must try to understand buyer requirments first, sometimes it can be happen that every task can’t be done. so you politely tell the problem to your buyer so that he can trust you.
If the buyer not uderstanding you and try to give you bad rating. you must talk with fiverr agent.

I already request for refund but he Don’t accept and keep ordering me.

Thats why i put sky price

You must contact with fiverr CS. If they take long time try to contact with Fiverr Facebook page. You your problem will be resolve.

I want to safe from the buyer. He have received a lot of 1 star review from seller. Not only me…
He asked a lot of work out of gig price and requirement.

Click on this buyers name and BLOCK them. They should not be able to order from you any longer if you do this. Also, contact customer service and let them know this buyer is being abusive.



And you shouldn’t respond to review in bengali language, that was worst thing you can do if you ask me. You have mostly US clients and they will have no clue what you respond to him with. But I get it that you felt frustrated.

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you absolutely right, he ordered 3 more gig before block him.

its false review, his ebay account is brand new. i was able to revenue him and he sold 19 items a day

i put rocket price because he keeps ordering me.

right, thank you for your reply

no, my gig price was $10 for 10 listing