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I have very bad experience here, Anybody can help me?

I mean let’s be realistic, if you make 1200$ a day then you don’t hire a guy for 10$. This buyer is either mad or crazy.

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yeah, you are right.

This was his review “Hi, This fraudulent seller is a child. He can not do what he claims. He lacks experience and understanding of basic selling principals. He preys on people that dont understand SEO and offers generic screenshot deliveries that are not relevant to the order. He will not show his work or revise. In the end my conversion rate and traffic both were reduced to 75% or the normal flow. I was making $1200 per day before he touched my listings. now I’m lucky to make $200. Terrible experience with shady seller has decimated my income. I only accepted the order so that I could warn you all.”
I all read carefully but why you don’t put your response here. All others buyer are happy with my service. Even you are one claims me fraudulent other are not asking. I suggest you block this person and reduce your list at low prices.