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I have views but no buyers

hello there ,
i have 2 gigs with decent amount of views and impressions but :frowning: 0 orders
been like this for about a week now
iam an old member , but those are my first gigs
What am i doing wrong and what are the best i can do now at this point !
i have +60 view on one of these gigs but 0 orders , how come 0 orders if 60 people viewed my gig !


Hello there! I find myself in a similar spot right now. But I’ve been following a few different programs on how to excel at Fiverr and they all say to do these things repeatedly and then just wait it out. Honestly that’s the tough part, every day you gotta do these things and for some people it might take a month or more to start getting jobs coming in.

  • Go onto the Forum everyday and be interactive on there. Comment on posts, like posts, start topics, post your gig in the forum. All great things to bring traffic to your page/gigs!
  • Post your gig on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Respond to buyer requests. If you go to the “Selling” option at the top, go down to “Buyers Requests” and look through these. Respond to them. You got 10 opportunities a day to do so. Not only does this drive more traffic to your page, but it also allows for gigs to start coming in.
  • Look through your gigs and try and tweak or chisel them to be as perfect as possible. Look at your competition’s gigs and see what kind of tags they are using or what titles they’re using or how their descriptions look and then model your gig after them.

The biggest thing is that Fiverr has to see that there’s good reasons to put your gigs higher in the search ranks or to show up more often in search results. So the more traffic you bring to your page and your gigs, the more it will continually show up in search results, which will ultimately increase your chances of getting hired.

WAIT. IT. OUT. Have patience!

Hope this helped!


I have 7 gig but 0 orders :rofl:


I haven’t gotten any jobs either! Except the ones from buyers requests. But I’m working these steps regularly and I’m seeing my statistics go up continuously. You just gotta grind and work through all those steps regularly every day, even (or especially) when you’re not getting gigs. That’s what I’m doing!


same here…dear

After long time, I get my first Order :slight_smile:


goood congrat…

Good Luck !:sunglasses:

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But one of your gigs has 49 reviews, so you have had orders. Keep it up.


same with me, until now no roder. but i must try, try and try.

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0 orders even with 66 view

I see thanks for clarifying.

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no thank you for commenting

Thanks for sharing ,I will try to follow your tips .

Same man. But it’s fine, I think my gigs are more entertainment/lighthearted type stuff anyway, like a way to have fun, so I don’t yet know how much people are into these things.

Same thing here, but I got my first order today. You just have to keep on pushing and come online regularly.

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I have been online for hours everyday for over a week. I have had only 1 order. Now, I have gotten 2 orders through bidding on buyer requests, but I would not have gotten them had I not. I have tried promoting on Google+ since its the only social media I’m on (for personal reasons), so we will see if that helps things. Good luck everybody! I hope we all get the success we are working for!:studio_microphone::microphone::studio_microphone:

Unfortunately, merely sharing links on your personal social media accounts is not going to help you, unless the people you are connected to are also your target customers. Are you 100% certain that the people you are friends with will also be your long-term customers?

If you are 100% certain – good for you. If not, then you’re going to want to rethink your promotional strategy.

The only people who will purchase your services, are the people who NEED your services. If you want to be successful, find those people… and reach out to them.


congrats,…carry on

What I was doing was joining groups that may need a voice over artist. Indie film makers, video production company groups, whiteboard creators, and YouTube creators. I have been commenting and liking their posts as well. Trying to show involvement. It may not work, but I’m just trying to think of anyway to get traffic to my gig. Thanks for the comment and advice. I’m here to learn!