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I have views,clicks but no orders

hello i have gigs which had views clicks but no orders what do you suggest me to do to get sales


Try to use social media to market your gigs, then when you send buyer request, don’t copy and paste your offers, read through and address every request according to buyer’s requirements. Cheers


yeah but i dont know howbto use social media for that

Try to use social media to marketing your gigs…

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You can share on a specialized group on Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Plus, there are other websites also like Quora, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, craigslist, backpage, medium, create a blog and talk about your services.

#1. In Facebook groups
i. Join Related Groups in Facebook and post your gig with description.
ii. Look on your potential customers and try to connect with them. Influence your Fiverr services to them.
iii. Create your own fan pages in Facebook and tell about your gig.
iv. Post your gigs in Related pages and groups which exist with a lot of members, Once someone just clicks on your gig, view it this will increase your impression on Fiverr. And make promote or advertise your gig to target customers in Facebook paid basis.

#2. In Pinterest
i. Create an account or log in through Gmail or Facebook related to your gig. If you are a content writers then you can create a board with the title as a freelance writer.
ii. Write description with limit 200 to 300 words and put a related label to your gig.
iii. Create an infographic of your gig and pin it.
iv. Share with your friends and ask them to pin your gig on their board.

#3. In twitter
i. Create a twitter account and make continuous tweets of your gig with images, it can be a gig image or any other image. For example, If you post an image with an inspirational quote to target people attention.
ii. Don’t repeat the same thing when you tweet, people will get irrupted and lose their interest. Every time post something new related to your gig.
iii. In every tweet use lots of hashtags to your gig. Suppose someone looking for freelance writers and If you have posted a tweet with using hashtag freelance writers, then your tweet will be displayed in their search result and they can go through your test.

#4 Forums
Look for forums where potential customers for your services might hang out. Don’t spam or anything, write meaningful posts about topics related to their problems and how they could be solved (your services/gigs). Gather brownie points, eventually mention your gigs in an unobtrusive manner.


amazing advises thanks so much dear
very helpful


You are welcome. All the best


Thank you very much good

Great suggestions ever! Thanks