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I haven\'t got my first order yet


I haven’t got my first order yet, what would you people like to suggest me on coming into buyers notice.


do buyer’s request daily


Keep up to date
And focus on your goal , which soon arrived customers. :slight_smile:


Don’t lose patience and follow the tips given by alijutt and aleronk :slight_smile:
Good Luck!


Ok… looking forward to it


Thanks for ur suggestion… :slight_smile:


First time i was waiting to 15 days or more all new sellers like this and it will be better :slight_smile:


I did same thing and finally get one big buyer.

  1. Update to gig’s with videos and photos.
  2. Make buyer’s request.
  3. Offer cheap prices with lot of extras.
  4. Make free services.
  5. Promote your gig’s on social media.
    Finally Don’t lose faith :slight_smile:


send buyer req to fresh request to get order just this will be hard till level 1 that it will be much easy than now


Well… I reached the magical level 1 and it hasn’t got any easier.My gigs are still somewhere in the wip wops.


You will stay focus and keep doing hardwork . Optimize your gig . Read different post to optimize your gig . You will get the orders


Fiverr is no longer a mini marketplace. Here’s now hundreds of quality freelancer offering some great services and you’re one of them, of course.

However, to help you out I’m going to mention some tips that will certainly help you in boosting your sales.

Complete your profile:

Making your profile 100% completed gives a good signal to the Fiverr system, and in return your gigs will be published on Homepage that means you’ll have more orders. So make sure your Profile is 100% completed.

Profile Picture:

Your profile picture gives your clients a feel of ease. When a Buyer sees you have a nice profile picture, he thinks you’re a professional. So it is highly recommended to use a profile picture instead of any avatar or cartoon.

Your Gig:

Your gig is everything. Promotion, profile picture, seo everything will bring buyers to your gig, but if it is not written in a quality and professional style, then you cannot make any sale. So the most important thing is your gig. Write your gig’s description very professionally and mention everything very clearly. You can check out other sellers gig to know how they wrote their gigs. To make it easier for you here is my gig link. Hopefully It will help you a lot in making your gigs more appealing.


  1. try to stay online everytime.
  2. reply your client as quick as you can
  3. download fiverr application in your mobile so you can reply quickly.
  4. use your buyer request on daily basis.
  5. create attractive gig and promote your gigs on social media.
    Best of luck


Hi, just follow these steps to increase your chances

  1. Upload an High quality display image for each gig
  2. Upload a pro video for each gig (330% more conversion)
  3. Description which describes your gig clearly
  4. Put correct Tags/Keywords on the Tag section
  5. Send buyer request regularly related to your gig only
  6. Promote using Social media like FB groups, Twitter, Linkedln etc…
  7. Create youtube videos and put your gig link on the description
  8. Always over deliver like free one day delivery etc.
  9. Try to be Online always, you can download the fiverr app on your smart phone and respond to the buyers without any delay, that will increase your response rate
  10. Always Loyal to the buyer, that will turn a first time buyer to your regular buyer


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