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I haven\'t had a sale for ages

About three weeks ago, I had three sales all together and since then I haven’t had a single sale,

The same thing happened to me when I made my first gig. after that a whole month I didn’t got nothing. If it’s going bad just pay attention on what are you offering, improve your gigs,give your best ideas

What I strongly encourage you to do is send out offers. There is a buyer requests section that you should check daily and message potential buyers.

Do this every day, 10 offers/day, 300/month, I guarantee you will get sales, it’s a numbers game!

Don’t lose hope, learn new skills and remember: once you will get the first sale and review, things will start to pick up.

Keep up the good work!

I don’t think three weeks counts as “not having a sale in ages”. Please be patient. Constantly work to improve your gigs, market your gigs elsewhere (where your customers are located), and treat your gigs like a daily business. YOU are responsible for your own success. Don’t expect Fiverr or anyone else to make that happen for you.

I got three clients right away, and great reviews, but now — I can hear the crickets signing.

Hello for what appears to be your main gig, the Logo type one, try making a promo video either by yourself or pay someone on Fiverr and use Youtube marketing to advertise to specific targeted niche’s, I would say your best bet would be gaming first and go from there. Same with the Youtube Intro.

I would pair the two together and try to run a YT campaign focusing on target markets. Your service you offer is quite targeted for a Fiverr audience, so expanding into a social media-isque environment may be a good approach. Even joining up on just misc. forums, interacting, and gradually bringing up your gigs.