I haven't been able to deliver for 2 days?



So, I have a problem.

I’ve had this file ready for the past two days, and have tried sending it multiple times, but each time it says there’s an internal error, and they won’t let me send messages to any of my buyers to tell them there’s a system bug, and I can’t deliver any orders.

The timer is still ticking on all of them, and I have to deliver something by tomorrow or I’ll be late.

Who do I tell? What do I do? Are they going to penalize me for being late even though it won’t let me send messages to anybody or blocks me from delivering? HELP! D:


Maybe clear your cache, try a different browser, try a different computer, save the file as an alternate format… Just keep trying it different ways and eventually you’ll nail down the issue!

Good luck!



Maybe send it to your buyer as a message, and then deliver nothing within the order. Or can you put it on a website for him to download later? I think there are websites for that kind of thing.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Drop box is one.


Reply to @jdadvertising: Thanks, I forgot about that one. I’m lucky that the only thing I’m delivering are word documents. :wink:


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Be very grateful lol! Its tough sometimes when a buyer wants the source file and the artwork was really heavy. So you have to utilize those sites by force! >_<


Reply to @jdadvertising: When I order art, I’m the opposite. I don’t need big files, PSD’s, but simple jpg’s or png’s. By the way, I love your flyer gig, you do beautiful work. Can you do advertising parodies? By that I mean I give you an ad with horrible art direction and you create an original version out of it?


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:

And yes i can provide that. I always love a good challenge :slight_smile: