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I haven't even got my first sale yet. Please help me


Hello everybody!:smiley:

I’ve had fiverr for two months / writing, translation and editing / but I’m very sad because I haven’t had a sale yet.:slightly_frowning_face:

Any suggestions on how I can get sales and become a good seller?:smiley:

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Have you tried marketing and promoting your gig to the target customers that need your services?


Hi and welcome to the forum. I will try to help you a bit.

In order to get your first sale, you have to be patient, and don’t stay waiting. Be proactive. Your gigs needs to be developed. The descriptions are short, show more details, sell your service. Show the customer your best skills, why they should order your gig. Also, I would not talk about money in the description. Leaving space for a price reduction shows you are overpriced, or desperate. Both are very bad for your image and sells.

Also, your Gig images show really nothing. They must be improved. They must reflect your gig and you as a brand. Some nice designers in Fiverr can help you for sure with their gigs if you can’t do it, but you can have a look on other sellers gigs.

Fix the descriptions and gigs main image, and you will have taken the first step. Second is some promotion on social networks and having a look everyday at buyers requests, but first go for your gigs improvement.


No because I don’t know how I do it.



Ooh, thank you! I didn’t notice that .I will try to do everything you mentioned.



Just take it easy, learn everyday, read the forums, and build your future step by step. This marketplace is hard to master, it’s not what some “entrepreneur books” are trying to sell with those “Get rich in Fiverr” lol, but it can help you to develop your skills.


Then you’re going to have to take the time to learn. As a freelancer, you are an independent businessman. All business must reach out to their customers if they want to earn sales. You are going to have to do the same. I, therefore, recommend that you take the time to do an internet search for “how to market my business”. You will find plenty of great tips and ideas among the results of that search.

It is YOUR responsibility to take the time to learn how to manage your business. We are not going to do that work for you.

Good luck as you do your research, and good luck as you put the results of your research into action in the promotion of the services that you offer.


Yea great answer. #jonbaas


Thank you sir for your answer. It is helpful too for me


I am glad to help :+1:


@jonbaas Thank you! :smiley: