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I haven't find any work on fiveer

Hello to all of you there im Sharoon,I joined Fiveer about a month ago i have posted my gigs and also posted buyer request but i have found nothing.

Can any one suggest me what should i do to get the business from here

Have you tried promoting them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.? Have you looked at the Buyers Requests for ppl requesting gigs that relate to your niche? I check their every day and that’s where the bulk of my gigs come from :slight_smile:

I would focus on getting 10 orders from local people you know. Get them to order your gig on Fiverr.

Keep your eye on buyer request, 80% order came from this :slight_smile:

i got an topic about buyer request, check this out

Hi Sharoon,

I took the time to look through you gigs and noticed a few things. Now, this might sound mean, but it’s important that I be brutally honest with you if you want to improve.

  1. Your gigs don’t stand out, at all. There are hundreds of others offering the same thing you are with a positive rating and experience.

  2. Your English is a bit off. You DON’T have to have perfect English, but when presenting your gig and delivering a profile it should communicate well. Take the time to ask for help in editing this, people are always willing to help.

  3. It seems as if you put your gig descriptions together in about 30 seconds. Take your time and demonstrate your value. Don’t just list things you do and prices. Do you ever buy something online without being convinced? Don’t expect anyone else to.

  4. Use a picture of yourself in your gig cover. Buyers love other people. Show them you are real.

Sharoon, I love the picture of you and your son (I assume). It is very warming and immediately says to me that I can trust you. You guys look great. Let some of this light shine on to your gig. If you do all of these things, there’s a good chance that even I will purchase from you.

Good luck!

I agree, you need to do some revising on your writing, your profile description needs some editing.

On your photoshop gig you need many more sample photos of before and after (you do not need to show more samples with the photoshop program open they can just be the photos)

On your resume gig, you have no sample photos, you need to put some of those samples on the Flikr page here on Fiverr. But my question is, did you do those samples? ARe those resumes that you actually wrote and designed or is that someone elses work you are using?

The problem with the resume and cover letter gig is that if your English is not good it will be hard to get someone to buy from you.

Spend time reading other sellers gigs (high rating) that are similar to your gigs to get ideas on how to write things up, what photos to use and how to make your gigs stand out from the competition.