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I havent got any orders for about 1 and 1/2 months

can someone check my profile and let me know why i dont get any orders in my account.


If you need any tips, give the link to your profile, because it takes time to find it on Fiverr

It would be great if you can help me out

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For the logo gig, there’s a lot of competition, try checking the competition and try to make your gig stand out. Maybe use multiple high quality images in the gig so they can see a few different types of logos you can create.

For the creative content gig, the covering letter gig, the typing job gig, I’d double check the spelling in the gig descriptions in case there’s any issue there.

For the data entry gig there’s probably a lot of competition there too. I’m not sure LinkedIn data collection is allowed by their user agreement though.


It’s very disappointing for every seller. But at this time we need to keep patience.

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I checked for spelling issues in the gigs you mentioned.
Theres no problem in it
What you said about the data entry was not clear

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Okay. For the spelling it would probably be easiest to check the text in something like word/open office writer or paste it into an online checker.

For the data entry gig I said there’s a lot of competition (there’s many gigs in that subcategory) and I said “I’m not sure LinkedIn data collection is allowed by their user agreement though.”. I think gigs have been removed from Fiverr for offering to scrape LinkedIn for leads. You’re gig says “Linkedin data collection”.

LinkedIn’s user agreement says:

You will not…[scrape] or otherwise copy profiles and other data from the Services


My gig doesnt include Linkedin data collection, Please check for it

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have you got any ideas

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I have and it still does.

The gig “I will do excel data entry ,copy writing, email writing in 3 hrs” has, in the gig description:

We are offering following services in this gig

Bank Statement to Excel
Property data Research
Linkedin data collection

edit: I see you’ve just removed it from the description.

Also you could ask your team to look over your gigs and give suggestions/discuss it with them, since you have a team you work with.


share your gigs social media and be patience

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okay thank you so much
I’ll work upon
But does my country restricts getting orders

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It’s probably mostly about the gigs themselves and how good they are and whether there’s enough of a market for those gigs (or whether there’s too much competition for them). There’s Pro sellers on Fiverr from there so that hasn’t stopped them becoming Fiverr Pros. You could also create services that few other people are offering.

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Need well seo and social sharing

I’m just a new seller myself, but I would say one thing you might want to do is find people you know who need the service. Then offer to do it for pretty cheap and do it through fiverr. Then you can get a good review straight away. I don’t think this is against the rules because it’s not a fake review since that person really did need that product. I wish you luck!

Thank you so much! I’ll get to do it

No. If you post in the correct category on the forum - Improve My Gig or My Fiverr Gigs - you will not get penalized for sharing your link - in fact, if you are posting in this category (Improve My Gig) it is imperative that you post your link - no one wants to do the legwork to find your Gig to critique it. And, you will notice, most who just post this sort of thing without the link get the same answers of be online 24/7, have patience, send buyer’s requests - no tips on what may be wrong or right with their Gig. That is because no one probably took the time to search out the person’s Gig.

Now, you should NOT post YOUR Gig link in someone else’s post - that is seen as spamming someone else’s topic. If YOU need critiquing on YOUR Gig, you need to create your own post under the Improve My Gig category of the forum and include YOUR link.


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Create YOUR OWN post in the Improve My Gig category. Do not hijack someone else’s post.


Thank You for sharing a good piece of information. Now, I understand the previous comment.

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