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I haven't got any orders yet

Hey my name is Karl, I am new to fiverr and I have a great interest and passion for graphic design and video animation. I have many years of experience and I am looking for my first order. :slight_smile:

I am highly interested and have a passion for film making, film editing and graphics design. I have many years of experience and I am pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.
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Welcome to Fiverr. Many sellers have said it has been slow latey. I was here almost 3 weeks before I got my first gig.

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It’s good to know other people are having the same situation! Man when I joined back in 2013 it felt pretty different. I think the competition is a lot more fierce nowadays. But it shouldn’t stop anyone from succeeding! Keeping pushing through, do the constant work that most others won’t and then you’ll be the one that most others aren’t!

I am out of likes so here is a :hotdog:

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Alrighty, well thanks for the hot dog! :open_mouth::exploding_head::man_farmer:t3: