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I haven't got any orders

I have 4 Gigs but I haven’t got any orders. So what can I do now? Help me. I’m a Web Designer. I’m new to Fiverr.

Do gig marketing and be active on fiverr, Inshaallah you will get the job so quick


Hate to be blunt, but those videos are not good.

The more letters/words you have, the longer it needs to be on screen for people to read. Also, don’t use ‘dear’. It’s been brought up several times on the forums already, but it’s a culture difference thing.


Oh i see…do you have many views and impressions…however share your gig in social media…and always check buyer request…always check it and…request to buyers…and i also appriciate your response rate is one hour that is good…some other peoples response time is soo long…also my response time is 2 hour…i suggest request buyer request and search job vacancies in social media…and send your gig link to others


Active on fiver as much as possible and sharing your gig on social media platform. Most important thing is send buyer request daily…


Thanks, @manik114 brother.

spacially thanks @imagination7413

I have deleted the videos. and I’ll change my thumbnails picture. Thanks for the advice.

okay my dear brother @newplus_design… a lot of love for you.

Brother @rd_sajib… In fact I don’t know what’s the problem. I don’t get many buyer requests every day.