I haven't got any sales yet. What am I doing wrong?




Hello! I’m not quite sure what I’ve been doing wrong, so I’d love some advice on how to improve. I’ve promoted my gigs on my Facebook page, along with my siblings and friends sharing the gigs to their pages. I have also been responding to buyer requests whenever possible.

Is there something glaringly obvious that I am missing? (I hope it’s not a grammar mistake, haha. That would be embarrassing.)

Thanks in advance!


This will sound counter-intuitive but I think you’re too cheap. If I were a buyer, all of your profile would look too good to be true to me. Drop the word count but offer quicker (1 day?) delivery.

“Spotting awkward sentences is my forte, given the fact that I struggle with them myself”

I totally get what you’re communicating here (and you get all my empathy points ;)) but that might raise a flag for some potential buyers.


Thank you!

I decreased the word count by half and also decreased the delivery time, as per your advice. I also reworked my description to better suit the changes, along with changing the sentence that might have sent up red flags.

Once again, thank you!


I looked at your gigs and that sentence change as suggested by @idostuff74 is still in the description of one of your gigs. Other than that I think you just need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Ah! The change didn’t go through, whoops. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!



Have you promoted your gig on social media - facebook, instagram, twitter etc.? It helps.