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I haven't gotten a single order, any tips?

Okay so as of the moment I have five gigs, two are art related, one is sprite animation, one is making an RMXP game, and the last is VA work.
I’ve been doing my best to advritise my gigs without spamming forums and such, is there anything I can do to make them look more attractive? Is it my profile that might be warding people off? Any tips would be appreciated! :slight_smile: The only issues I can see are the Sprite Animation video (But I can’t fix that, I tried making it bigger but it reduced the quality so much the website wouldn’t accept the upload) and the third colum on Side View heads and busts. (I had no option of only two, so I just put nothing ad added in the FAQ not to select that one since I had nothing to offer in it)

My gigs-
Visual novel-
Sprite animation-
Side view heads and busts-
Pixel people-


I did not check out all of your gigs as there are so many, This leads me to my first point…

  • It is generally recommended that when starting out you should keep your gig count very low. One or two would suffice. You don’t want to appear to ‘scattered’

  • Let’s focus on the VA gig. I actually think you have some nice acting chops and I like your voice a lot. However, the production value of the demos are lacking. There are a lot of plosives and clipping going on and the volume level is all over the place. This can be a turn off to many as they will think “Is this how she is going to deliver my end product?”

  • The description of your VA gig needs major work IMO. Its too ‘cutesy’ and unprofessional. Don’t use ‘P.S.’ and other such language. You’re not texting or sending a quick email to a buddy. All of your gigs need to be presented professionally if you wish to be taken seriously. When you’re writing your descriptions, don’t focus on what you cannot do, but rather on what you can! As a buyer, this is what we need to know.

  • Lastly, I would rewrite your profile description. Don’t mention anything about not doing well on other platforms. That’s a turn off. Focus on who you are and maybe a bit about your perspective of the services you’re offering, etc.

Question: Why is the turnaround time for all of your gigs SO long? For many buyers even 2-3 days seems too long for most services.

All of this is just an attempt to help you @exikat (and anyone else for that matter) and I hope it does.
Good luck!

Thank you for the advice, and it doesn’t matter that you weren’t able to take a look at all of them, I appreciate all the tips I can get :slight_smile:
And the reason they’re all so long is because I don’t ACTUALLY take that long (in most cases), usually depending on the thing I’m doing it takes maybe an hour to two days, though I didn’t know it would actually deter buyers.

Unfortunately for the audio quality, there’s a very big drop from the original WAV file to uploading it onto this website in an MP3 format, I’ll see if it does any better if I make it into a video instead and upload that, though the volume thing is my fault, I have volume problems so I don’t know when I’m too loud or too quiet, I’ll have to work on that.

I’ll make revisions according to your advice, thank you!


You’re welcome and yes, I am very aware of the ridiculous audio compression Fiverr uses. I’m dealing with that myself at the moment as well. :roll_eyes: