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I haven't Made A Sale Yet Very Upset :(

I’m not sure what’s wrong with my gigs are they bad or because people are afraid to be the first buyers can anyone review my gigs please and tell me if they good or bad i just need an honest review and some tips please I thank you All In Advance :slight_smile:

I Would Really Appreciate Everyone’s Help

that’s Sucks To get my Thread Buried in Fiverr forum and also my GiGS … tHIS iS Very Crowded MarketPlace Here …

You just posted the topic today. Have some patience. People have lives.

Your gigs offer nothing unique. There’s no creativity or anything different from the norm. What are you offering that 1000’s of other sellers don’t offer? That’s the question you should be asking. Orders just don’t come to you. You have to create attraction.

Your account bio is poorly written. Every word starts off with a capital letter, there’s lack of punctuation and grammar structure. It’s unprofessional and potential clients will see that immediately.

How about professionally made gig videos to showcase proof of your work?

Overall if I was a potential client, I would move on because of these most immediate issues. You need uniqueness, creativity, and professional presentations.