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I havent orders?

im joined fiverr 2 months doing grapic design.but i havent i get orders.please tell me.

You description si very poor on some Gigs.The description is the best for the Gig.Go and look to the other descriptions and look yours.Olso look tags.They can rank your Gigs better on Fiverr.

Then go on Buyer Request, every day you can send 1 Request to the others.

ok and thank you.Thanks


Many of your gigs are very popular. Gig descriptions should be more detailed and you have a few grammar problems. As I said in the beginning most your gigs are available already and are not unique, a buyer looking for that service would rather go to someone with 100% rating from 30 different people than to an inexperienced seller with no reviews on the gig. The way to solve that is really marketing, try to promote yourself on social media, be helpful and active on forums - people will check your gigs out, improve your descriptions and make them believe that you are better than all the rest offering the same service.

Last but not least, try to sit down for a few minutes and think what you can do which will be both useful and not available on fiverr. If you manage to come up with a truly unique and intriguing idea you will get your first sales quite fast and they won’t stop coming.

Hope that helped


QualityDesignz team

thank you friend