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I haven't receive any Orders yet what should i do guyz


i haven’t receive any Orders yet what should i do guyz
i have uploaded my two gigs
tell me guyz my mistakes


Just Wait and I tips You I hope you for best career first rechange the tag and and tittles of your all gigs then I hope you will batter result.


I would advise you to ignore this advise. Success doesn’t come to those who’s just waiting.

And in terms of your gig I remember I already pointed out on some mistakes and you didn’t even fix those. So what’s the point of asking again and don’t act on it?




If he change the title of his gig then the title will mismatch with the gig link . And it can cause disappear from the search page .So do not change the title . You can change the keywords,description and pictures.


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You are not getting orders, right? So what does it hurt to experiment. If it means changing the title, change it. Keep tweaking your gig.

But, I think it’s very few new seller who get orders directly, so you have to do a lot to promote your self.

The easiest is respond to Buyer requests.

If you don’t want to, create another gig, you are allowed to create upto 7.


@awaisbashir try to make all 7 gigs what you are allowed to make.
Give it good titles descriptions and tags.
Make a gig video for each of the gig
and send Buyers Requests every day.
Stay active in the forum.
Monitor the impressions to get on your gigs.
Dont make changes to the gig for at least 5 days.
after that if you see that the gig impressions are moving upwards rapidly, change tags and then see for at least 5 days.
InShaAllah your gigs will start running but be patient.
Once your gigs start gaining a good momentum in terms of impressions, you will get orders.
Hope this will help. :slight_smile: