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I haven't receive orders after changing the title and tags

I changed the title and tags, also the GIG images in one of my GIG. It was on the 3rd page (without online filter active) before change them. I wanted to do SEO on my gig and rank it on first or second page, so I changed all and add meta tags to images and re upload them. But it wasn’t ranked and it disappear in search results. I send a message to Fiverr CS and they did some fixes so it showed again. but on 7th page. So I did many things to get it on least 3rd page as early. but it’s still on 7th page. I haven’t received any orders for that gig yet. its impressions and clicks are also downed. I recently published a gig in same category but it wasn’t show in result pages. but it impressions about 186-200 for past 14 days.

If any one knows what should I do for my gig to rank it on 1-2 pages and receive orders as before ,please help me. Hope your kind replies

thank you