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I haven't received an order for 13 days

I haven’t received an order for 13 days. Please give me some tips how can I get an order.


That is a typical occurrence. I think I received my last order perhaps 2 months ago, if not counting returning buyers that use your services regularly. Fun fact is that I used to get 5-40 new orders daily.

And sadly no one knows how you could improve things, other than by spamming requests to buyers. Keeping a high quality service, stats maxed and every buyer happy is not enough to have your gig rotated to a more visible spot from time to time, which might bring you orders.

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Thanks, @adsensewizard

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Try promoting your gig on quora, reddit etc.

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Thank you so much @coerdelion

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quora don’t allow Fiverr link. How can I promote my gig on quora?