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I haven't received any order for a long time


I am trying to draw the attention of the experienced and seeking help.

I came to this platform in December 2019.
I have completed six orders.
Most of my orders came from buyer requests.
One is general and the other five are custom orders.

All my buyers were very happy with my work but I got three five star reviews.

I have seen many people come to this platform in December 2019 and improve level two or more.
But I can’t improve on that. :pensive:xx
I think I am wrong somewhere. :thinking:

It’s been almost two months since I last delivered on March 8th 2020.
Now my gig’s IMPRESSIONS CLICKS VIEWS are all almost gone. :pensive:
I can’t get any orders. :unamused:
Gigs aren’t even coming to the front page. :unamused:

Experienced people come to my profile, see my gig, description and please let me know where I am wrong :heart_eyes:.

My profile link is here

Then I’ll fix it.
Then it will be very useful for me.
Thanks in advance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @cgboos,
I’ve viewed your gigs and generally nothing seems wrong. Are your impressions down after a gig edit?

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Thank you for checking my gig.
Yes I did edit my gig.
So what is the reason for this?

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me also same like you but am keep trying now also because i believe i will get order soon so keep trying bro dont worry


In my opinon the quality of the web site has a lot deteriorated in the last years…there are many good sellers but I don’t see a real interest of the buyers to purchase the gigs. I have many buyers who ask free samples…for me it’s very difficult to agree an order with an appropriate price according to the quality of the work. They usually ask too much with a minimum price or disappear when I propose a custom invoice. Unfortunately this is the general trend of fiverr and I can’t work in this way. At the beginning I’ve had many good orders.

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Right now I’m thinking the same thing :thinking:

I thought so.
I haven’t seen a good buyer lately.
I have seen some buyers who have paid a good price for quality work and even given a good tip.
But their number is very low.
I didn’t know if this was happening to everyone.
For many it may be easy to get a buyer / order but for many it may not be easy.
But it seems to me that this platform is getting a little tough now.

Thank you for checking my gig.
Yes I did edit my gig.
So what is the reason for this?

dont worry bro you will get order me also same like this before