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I haven't received any orders for 2 months

Hello everyone ! I opened an account 4 months ago. I completed an order about two months 10 days ago. :sleepy: :pensive: He has not received an order since then. :disappointed_relieved: :cold_sweat: I’m so tense I can’t think of what to do. :sob: :sob: Can I say something because I can’t get the order? What should I do now? :worried: :anguished:


Hello Rahmat, try to be active as much as possible and if possible delete your current gigs and create new ones. Your gig images should be very eye-catching and use some unique keywords in your gig description.

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Hello @sahrear_anik! I am almost active for 16-18 hours every day. :sleepy: Besides, I would be happy if you see my profile and give me some more suggestions :relieved:
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Don’t loose your hope. Stay connected and try to send buyer request. Thanks

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