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I haven't received my first order yet

Hey, I’m offering photoshop service for over 40 days and I still haven’t got any order yet. I think I build my account and gig well. Can you guys give some advice to improve my gig and tell me how long it took you to get your first order. Thank you.

you can share your gig on social media and improve your gig image and description

Thank you :relaxed::relaxed:, what do you think I should change about my description and is there anything on gig or profile which repulses people?

First, you need to be more patient. To get your first order I would tell you to share your gig on social media with your targeted clients. Please remember that thousands of sellers in the marketplace are providing the same services as you, you are just a new seller among them. You have to compete with those sellers. For this, you need to do research on the marketplace. Do research on the marketplace without sitting in the hope of getting orders by account. I hope this helps you

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