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I have't received no order yet

Hi dears friends,
I I haven’t received any order in the last two months. And I have already sent 145 buyer requests.
But I have not received the order yet. Someone turns up my profile and sees where I’m wrong. Please help me.

Greetings to you


Polish your skills, create some unique gigs, background removal is a very basic skill and there are thousands of gigs of this skill.

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Hi bro,
I just visited your profile and amazed to see your editing skills. But Some minor rectifications are needed to attract more consumers. For me I think, You have to

(a) edit your description with few innovative vocabulary and sentense construction
(b) create more Gigs representing different abilities of yours rather clinging to only one.
© set a decent amount for packeges you offer at your initial stage .

Otherwise your profile is great. keep on going

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Yes, you are right! thank u so much

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thanks for your good suggest…very helpful your suggest