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I havn't gotten any order

its been 5 days i created my fiverr account but i haven’t gotten any order, i only got 5 impression. pls give me advice on how to get many clients and also pls check my gigs and tell me if there’s any problem with them. please


Just Reply on Buyer request it will help you to get orders

i didn’t get you, Pls explain more

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ok! Listen first of all you have to turn on selling mode then go to

2.Buyer Request
3.You will get Active and Sent Offers
4. Click on active Offers

Click on Active then sent Buyer request

Happy Freelancing :blush: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

ohk let me try, thanks alot

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It’s My Pleasure
Best Of Luck :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :blush:

There seems to be a grammar error in the chatbot gig’s title and some in that gig’s description. That may be an issue if the buyer thinks the text generated by the chatbot might have similar issues.

I’d change the text in the other gig’s description too.

its not that easy to get orders in the beginning because there are alot of new sellers as well

Don’t be frustrated keep working hard you will be successful on one day.
That’s true success doesn’t come overnight.

Thank you.