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I Hear Crickets After Fiverr Algorithm Changed

Hey Guys, I seen a lot of upset sellers, ranting about the ‘new’ algorithm changes, to promote new sellers. I didn’t want to believe it, but, it’s true! I’ve been on fiverr since 2012, and the last year’s been great.

All of the sudden, the new changes, the blind review change is horrible, etc. Anyway, I wanted to hear from Fiverr support, just to be sure, if it was an algorithm change and they sent me a ‘canned scripted’ reply… Something like, you be 'spice up your gigs, be different from others and create a video for your gig blah blah blah.

It’s like how do you think I got here and was successful on the platform… Then fiverr changes it and …nothing!

Time to take services elsewhere… Off of Fiverr platform and directly into the marketplace… Without being charge 20% fee.

What about you guys? Are you going somewhere else? Marketing directly online without a ‘freelance’ platform?

Curiously frustrated…


I haven’t seen this. Fiverr makes changes constantly, though, so expecting change is an approach to consider.

Why wouldn’t you just do all of this before there is a problem or at least when things get slow? You don’t have to stick to one thing. I am repeatedly surprised by this kind of meltdown. It’s normal to have ebb and flow. Diversification is always smart. You don’t have to rage quit a single platform to expand, though.

This one is fantastic, but it’s also the slowest and may cost more than 20% of your earnings. You’ve got at least: hosting, domains, site building and maintenance, marketing, advertising, SEO, time handling individual payment issues, legal issues, etc.


Hi, 2012 is a long time. I think you should try making some refreshments in your gigs, starting from the display design and other components. Remembering it’s 2018 now, and almost 2019. Also we have some new talent and new seller here. So it more competitive now. But this is only my advice.

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It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to promote sellers. Sellers are responsible for their own success, and that requires their own marketing and promotion.

All of those suggestions from Fiverr support are excellent ideas!

Change is a part of life. Successful businesses are the ones that embrace change, and find ways to make that change work for them. Complaining about change, and doing nothing to adapt to it, is a poor business strategy.

Very well. Good luck. I imagine you’ll find just as much change elsewhere as well.

I’m not planning on going anywhere. Fiverr is a fantastic freelance platform. I am more than happy staying right here. But yes, I do market and promote my services as well – as any good business does. You are a business too. You need to think like a businessman in order to stay ahead of the changes.

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Yep, I can relate to all of this. I remember at the beginning of my selling venture on Fiverr (june '17) I was getting orders and messages every day, almost couldn’t make them on time. Was thinking ,Damn, this is a solid website where I can make money doing what I love (music)"

Fast forward 2018, in the past months, nothing, my last order from a new client was like 2 months ago. I understand that you don’t need music everyday like you need an article or some copywriting service but still… I would assume that I’d get at least 4 orders in 2 months… zero.
I’ve tweaked my gigs, made new ones, dropped the prices, raised the prices… zero.

Buyer request page, zero, all they want is cheap and fast and I’m talking 10 bucks cheap. You may as well send your offers to a tree.

Messaged CS, they’ve told me to tweak my gigs, to be unique, etc etc. I appreciate their help anyways.

Hope that things will turn into better, right now, this algorithm s’cks.

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