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I help new companys to creat thier own professional logo ! (I creat it from 0)


Hello everybody my name is Ash , and i’m a graphic designer , i’ve seen many cheap , ugly looking logos over fiverr by some designer who don’t know nothing in design , Perhaps they use only templats and they change just the name ! whatever , I’ve already won many contests in 99designs , and already have a my own job , but just what i see it hurts my heart , low quality logos are really most shout in heart for are professional designers ,

I’m here today to help new start up companys with smaller budget to get thier own professional logo , not only companys maybe a business page , or a youtube channel or any kind of work who needs a logo .

So give a chance to yourself to get your own great , brillant and professional logo

Have a look and don’t be shy :

I don’t use templats , i creat logos from zero , you logo will look high professional and got a connection with what your company does ! but don’t forget you could buy a Mcdo burger but not a logo :slight_smile:

and sorry if my english is bad


Hello ,