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I help people and do work for free

Good day, night or what is your time? I already see how the newcomers got you, they just ask for orders, and I’m one of them, but I don’t just need an order, I need a review. I am ready to do the job for FREE, but I don’t know if it can be done on the site. maybe I can immediately return the money? I’m also ready to help freelancers for feedback for free. My work is on my page, I draw in different styles. Thank you for the attention :slight_smile:

P.S. I am from Russia, therefore I speak English poorly, sorry for that. .-.

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You need to read the ToS.

It’s not possible to complete an order without payment. Why would Fiverr let people use the system to do free work?

Stop thinking doing free work will get you ahead and follow the rules.

If you aren’t getting sales, there are other issues and it’s incorrect to think that doing free work would solve them.

You’re begging to get scammed.

Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to offer services for free on fiverr. As they written in TOS minimum order is 5$.

You also wouldn’t be able to cancel an order after you complete it because it will affect your completion ratio and potentially will rank your gig lower. And if fiverr CS will find out about that it will be considered review manipulation.

I know it might seem a lot but in reality 5$ is not that much.

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And I think if it feels like a lot to either her or her prospects, that highlights fundamental issues that prevent orders.

It’s also a conversion rate. In Russia 5$ is almost 400rub which is a good amount of money. You can do a grocery shopping for essentials with that amount.

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You will get banned. You can’t offer services for free and get a review. You can do whatever you want for free, but not as part of an order, so you’ll get no review. Reviews are for orders only, and an order can never be free.