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I help you to promote gigs among 2 MILLION FACEBOOK members 2, 4, 5 or 14 days for lower rates

Hi there,

I am a level 2 seller. I am glad to say you that I expanded my Facebook promotional service today.

Now, you can have the opportunity to promote your gigs, websites, videos, photos or anything in the best and active 2,000,000 Facebook groups.

I also promote my gigs in Facebook. Now, you can promote your gigs in the world wide.

I have 4 options to select you for Facebook Promotions.

Promote 2 DAYS or TWICE - for $5

Promote 5 DAYS - for $10

Promote 4 DAYS and TWICE A DAY - for $20

Promote 2 WEEKS - for $40

This is my gig;


I like to help you all. :slight_smile: