I hit level two!


I finally hit level two! Did not think it was going to happen do to the order drought, but I did it! Did you guys experience more orders after hitting level two?


Congratulations! My orders have generally increased steadily since starting on Fiverr so it is hard to say if Level 2 was the reason… It was a while ago for me now! I am trying to become a Top Seller!


Best of luck to you!


Congrats! I just reached level 2 today as well. High five!


@xander52 @adrover Congrats. Wish you more success.


very Congratulations. keep going


How do you know which level you are? and how do you progress in levels?
I mean I joined August 2016 and wasn’t active until January, I started to focus on my gigs from January this year and things are moving, done some work and all 5 stars with great reviews.


Go to analytics scroll down to the bottom and you will see the badges criteria and other stuff. Hope it will help you.


Thanks, you been great help. Any advice to keep moving forward?


Hard work is the key to success. Be active on fiverr search here and there like thirsty crow :heart_eyes: and make an idea which really standout.
Make your gig outstanding that will really help you in garbing customers. Use buyer request to grab projects. Initially i was always taking benefits of 10 requests per day but now clients are directly contacting me and i earning a very handsome amount.


Hi guys, I looked into my analytics, it says 2 not rated, though all my orders are rated, I have done 7 orders and all were rated, but in the analytics it says 5 rated and 2 not rated. Technical problems? or I am missing something?


Congratulations to all on reaching level 2. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Go to manage sales and there you will be able to check completed projects cancelled project and other categories which will help you sort out your problem @abdulmoti


@zazi_developer Thank you so much, I checked, and all 7 completed with rating. no Cancellation, no late, all completed. Perhaps the system didn’t update the last two ratings yet, which was today. Anyway thanks for awesome help. :slight_smile:


Please do search blog and forum on regular basis there’s a lot of helpful stuff to learn which will help you a lot in this marathon :slight_smile: Also for a while please read up fiverr level’s Fiverr’s Levels