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I hit the report button on a seller message in inbox by accident


Hi. I was using my iPad to look over one of my previous order. I wanted to send a message to the seller, but I accidentally hit the Report button, which is next to a spam button. I can’t deselect this, and I don’t want the seller’s rating to be affected. How do I undo this? The new layout is horrible, IMO. I contacted CS and I’m waiting for a reply. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Never had this experience. I hope the CS will help you.


I guess all involved will just have to hope that the automated CS system didn’t get out of the wrong side of bed this morning…



Thanks. Resolved it with CS.


Accidentally I did the same with my buyer(my order was completed with the buyer). I was sending the files and accidentally clicked the spam button.I messaged customer support to resolve this issue and then message my client and send files when i hit send button warning page appeared.
I am scared of warnings and do hard work to stay away the warnings from fiver but my little mistake gave me warning. Please guide what i do now ? I am not replying my buyer message because of this and waiting customer support reply.


I had it resolved by CS. They can’t undo the label, but they consider it a miss-click.