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I hope Fiverr helps to gain me my destination


I am new in Fiverr.I have already created two gigs for keyword research but still now I do not get any order.I hope I will get order very quickly and I can gain my destination.I hope I can be a top rated seller in future and I will stay with Fiverr Forever.Everybody pray for me.


Prayers are not necessary. Hard work – on your part – is. You need to be willing to work hard to EARN your sales. You’re not going to get many sales (or become a top seller) by sitting around and waiting for them. Get out there and promote your gigs.


Hey Smnahid. I agree with Jon, prayers are not necessary. Put a little effort into getting to know the platform, study your competition, think of innovative gigs. There are a lot of things that you can do that will ultimately generate you sales - praying is not one of them.