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I hope Fiverr will solve this problem soon (see image)

I was almost about to fix my completion rate and this miracle happened (see image)

Fiverr Team, please solve this, it really went too far, it is not first time such buyers drops my rating for nothing. Completion rate dropped for nothing, now orders will drop as well. This buyer even didn’t read anything about packages. It is really not fair to lose rating just for no reason

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It might not work - but sending a custom extra to ‘upgrade’ to the proper package could probably help (since some buyers are just clueless when it comes to ordering on the website. Trying to communicate in complete sentences (DO you need the the full model like on the photos/images you’ve sent?) can help clear up communication (in case the buyer genuinelly did no understand (which is what they have said).

Of course, some might actually be ordering like this on purpose (it happens) but even then Fiverr can’t do much (support could potentially help close the order if it was a mistake though, they’ve cancelled 2 for me recently without any effects on my account).

The problem that he didn’t agree with the price. He asked for a really detailed work for lowest price, that is why I got surprised and asked him again

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Waw, it’s so bad… I’ve got something like this once, and then it ruins stats for nothing. But I think you can ask CS to do something about it, not sure.

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Yes, I understood, some people do try to get away with this. Going through CS could help (but it’s likely that they’ll try to ask you to settle it with the buyer yourself!) It’s annoying for sure.

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I think everyone had the same cases. The last time when a person wanted to cancel the order (because he didn’t contact me before buying it, and he asked for the services that I don’t provide) I contacted CS team - a very nice girl from CS solved this problem without affecting my rates, so the next time you can do the same - it takes time, but your completion rate will not be affected


It is good that they helped you. More than a year ago because of some technical issues from buyers side he put the order 3 times in a row. Then he contacted CS and they just cancelled all orders and my rating significantly dropped. So I don’t think they could help me now.

I don’t think so. I think it would be great, if they can solve such problems at once

You need to ask about it from your side, not from buyers side - if it worked with other people, it will work with you as well