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I hope I don't get punished

Someone has been messaging me with strange requests, eventually he wrote:

"as I mentioned, we have an US account in up work platform for our customers.
But that account manager can’t available no longer since he has some medical issue.

So I appreciate to borrow your account and run it in your side via team viewer app.
If you can help us, we will play that account remotely.
Of course, we will purchase our laptop for it in your side.
we are going to give you some monthly funds or 10% of income for this service to you.
so your task is just to turn on our laptop and team view app on that laptop for 24/7
does it make sense?
If you are interesting to our suggestion, let me know your thought"

My reply was this:

“Sorry, I don’t work outside of Fiverr. Have a nice day, I cannot help you.”

Immediately I see this:

“Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible Terms of Service violation. This may take up to 24 hours. In the meantime, -------- can’t see your message. We appreciate your patience.”

Seriously? What possible TOS could I have violated? I told that fink that I don’t work outside of Fiverr! I was courteous! Didn’t insult him!

It’s a false positive.

The “outside of Fiverr” bit is the culprit.

I’ve had this happened before, I just find other ways to get my point across avoiding trigger words.


You wrote, “outside of Fiverr”. That appears to trigger an automatic Trust and Safety flag. I wouldn’t worry about it. You should be fine.

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If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend contacting CS and sending them screenshots of the full conversation.

This makes it sound like you have been negotiating some kind of deal already. From other forum posts, it seems that Fiverr does not always take context into consideration when reviewing messages.

I’d also block this user and report the message. Especially since what is being described is basically a very poorly executed phishing attempt designed to gain access to your Fiverr account.

There’s more red flags there than most nuclear power plants have warning lights.


Oh, absolutely. I agree with @cyaxrex . Report that user immediately. He/she is engaging in questionable behavior that may be an issue to Fiverr’s security. Make sure CS knows about it asap.


I promise you you won’t get punished. Your message was flagged automatically because you typed “outside of fiverr”…

The trust + safety team will see straight away that you said " I don’t work outside of Fiverr". Which was the right thing to say there. No need to worry! :smiley:

How can YOU make this promise? You don’t work for CS. :wink:

Thank you. I was freaking out.

Already done. I also reported the user who messaged me.


Because CS only punish people who break the rules. He is clearly not breaking the rules. He got that notification because his message triggered a false alarm. Other trigger words include “paypal” / “email” / “skype”… etc. They’ll review the message, see that he did not break any rules, and that’s it. It’s my personal guarantee.

Like demoting you for buyer cancellations? Just to be sure you gotta CYA.

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This user is trying to get you to assist in running fraudulent work. The condensed version of the message you received is: “Would you let us use you as a front for our UW account so that we can act as you when we do business?”

I’ve had users try to solicit this same stuff from me before. I simply respond “Nope.” (Because if you don’t respond, it counts agains that blasted monthly review.) Then, I immediately report the message/user to CS because it is fraudulent.


I usually reply with,

it is Against the Fiverr Terms of Service. All Jobs are to be processed only and Only through Fiverr.