I hope soon Ill quit my hardworking job and start earning online


Hi there.

I’m 22 years old creative folk from Macedonia with passion for learning. I graduated 3D modeling animation and post production and after that I got married and now I want to quit my hard working job and start earning with my drawings. Please check out my gig and tell me what should I improve.


Love you all!

Best regards!


I would say add more gig images. Only one isn’t enough for an image-based gig.


Make sure you use your own images. The one on your gig was easily found on the artist’s blog using a reverse image search. Sell yourself!


@pacorp Definitely change that image. You shouldn’t be advertising “Stunning and Original Art” if the art isn’t yours.

As a professional artist myself, I assure you that your work has it’s own market on Fiverr. Trust yourself and play to your strengths.

With Love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


This image was my submission for “Digital painting” course at schoolism.com


Thanks I’m sure that Ill be successful artist. I learn every day to become better artist.


I make few changes and I add another study. Thanks for helping me to improve my service.


Just to let you know, you will still have to work hard if you want to succeed.

Also the image of the guys in the woods, I believe that image belongs to Bobby Chiu.
I saw him and his work at San Diego Comic Con.

Be sure to use your own image.


Yes man! I try to learn as much as I can.

Bobby Chiu is amazing artist. I take one of his courses at schoolism for digital painting. On this image I learn a lot.


You have to use your own images… you can’t pass off other people’s work as your own.


True. With passion for learning Ill improve my drawings and I can show some of my personal drawings. Today I’m creating a video presentation instead of gakery.


…So are you admitting that you used someone else’s image?
Whether you did actually take Bobby Chiu’s courses or not does not matter,
be sure to use you own image only.


I get the line work from bobby and I painted on top.


Best of luck. I saw you were only coloring the art, not fully making it. Maybe your services should reflect that skill instead of advertising a false one.


My gig is active for 2 days and this is the progress of clicks and views. Where should I promote my gig to get more views? I use twitter and linkdin for now.