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I hope to review the ban on my fiverr account

,I received an email with a blocked account. I hope to defend myself here. I provide WeChat registration assistance service in fiverr to help people register for WeChat accounts. All actions are in compliance with the rules, and no offline transactions have occurred with customers. I received a consultation from client at 21:30 on June 14th, Beijing time. He just completed the first transaction with me. During the communication with him, I helped to answer questions. During the communication, he asked me how to activate his Alipay account, because I am Chinese, he thought I could help him, but I did not provide him I gave some information and clearly expressed my apologies because I couldn’t help him. After that, he hoped to provide me with more orders and purchase more services at fiverr. When we were discussing the price of the service, I received the account Blocked mail.
I was unemployed in the crisis of COVID-19, and I needed to repay a large amount of debt every month, so I chose to provide services on fiverr, and I have been doing very well. I have been well received by all customers. If I lose this Job, I will face bankruptcy.
My friend found relevant news for me on fiverr’s forum. He told me that I was reported IP infringement. I found the same seller as me on fiverr, and I provided the service earlier than him. And it is better than him, and there is no act of stealing his GIG materials, so I ask you to help me review again.
Sorry, my English is not good, so I use machine translation, I hope it doesn’t bother you.

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I think the best option for you now is to contact Customer Support:

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I can’t log in to my account But still thank you

I received the first warning email and deleted the GIG email within a minute, and immediately received the third email with the account permanently blocked
I think another seller who provides the same service as me has just reported to me

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without log in try to contact support team.

I can’t log in to my account

I can’t contact team support please help me

Nobody on the forum can review your account. We’re just seller and buyers, not Fiverr staff.

You can email Customer Support at

Also, please remove the buyer’s username, because it’s not allowed to mention other users on the forum.


Just keep in mind… Fiverr does not disable accounts for fun. They always have proof to back up the action taken on users’ accounts. They rarely and I use that term loosely reinstate a banned account. When you email them, you can ask for their permission to open a new account. Don’t forget to read the TOS.


I know that when I responded to customer inquiries, I didn’t notice the sensitive words, but chose to directly send the information excerpted from the Internet to respond to the customer’s queries. I’m sorry for this

Thank you very much for your reply

sorry I didn’t notice this, sorry again