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I increase the price and got warning

I do increase the price and they gave the mail and warning,
Can you tell me the reasonScreenshot_8


It looks like you might have a different price written in description


Which gig? Did you specify the price in a custom offer or the gig/package? Did you charge more than the gig price in an offer without offering more than the gig/packages?

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yeah, Its look like he have written different price on his Gig description

No, I do not do that at all

Yes, but, its custom offer

So did you offer them something more/different in the custom offer (that was a higher price than your gig/packages price)? If not, that may be the reason for the warning maybe.

If you did offer something different/more in the custom offer you could contact CS and try to get the warning removed.

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I did custom offer, logo to branding,
and CS do not response, as well

So if it was more/different to what they could get by ordering directly (ie. you were delivering something they couldn’t get by ordering directly) there’s shouldn’t be a problem if the custom offer was higher priced I think.

Just wait for CS to respond, since they might take up to around 10 days currently. And explain (though maybe you have already) that the custom offer was for something different/more than in the packages.

Maybe in the gig description you could have specified that branding wasn’t something supplied in the packages if it wasn’t (ie. that a custom offer would be needed), but I still don’t think there should be a warning.

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Yes, it was more that the price of my gig.
really disapinted,
Thanks all

Fiverr doesn’t like misleading custom offers. It’s either your buyer complained about the price or you’ve repeatedly sent out custom offers for significantly larger amounts than your package descriptions ever mentioned.

If you did it just to get more money for a regular job from a naive buyer, don’t do that. You’ll eventually gather enough complaints and it’ll get you banned. If all the offers were legitimate, make sure that the offer description includes a detailed breakdown that clearly shows that it’s more work than any of the gig packages includes, hence the increase in price.


So how can I take more price,
Actually, I do logo design and this project is a logo to total branding, including, logo, business card, color palette, color scheme, font selection, and more.
So I think it’s a normal price.
Can you suggest to me, how can I send a more price custom offer?
Or I will increase the price then send the custom offer.

couldn’t they pick your logo and brand identity gig instead?

also, i see you offer unlimited revisions and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. have you never gotten into a pickle because of that?


And this is all in 100$?

If this is more than 100$ then yes CS is right. Your minimum should be minimum and your maximum should be maximum plus any extras.