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I is possible to change Tags on existing gigs?

Hi guys, do you know if I can change my tags on an existing gig? I tried to do that but the tags are the same as before. Is there a way to add or change a tag on an existing gig?


click your profile pic there you see profile option click there

then in active gigs option select your gig you want to edit

then click edit gig option

in overview option(top) , you can edit your gig’s tag, in search tags.
you can remove or add tags there then don’t forget to click save option below.

try this, any doubt reply me

Yes, if you mean meta tags.

You can always edit your profile and change tags. However i do not know if fiverr restricts the number of times you can make changes, so you might want to be carfeul and ensure to pick the right keywords.

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Yes. Its possible.

Yesterday i added new tags and now my gig is not on the first page when i search it but the new tags are not visible only to me when i go to edit gig. But i will try again to delete the new tags. Is it better to have 5 tags or less?